Download Photoshop Plugin Eye Candy 6.0 From Alien Skin Incl.KeyGen-COR

11.11.2010 22:52

Photoshop Plugin Eye Candy 6.0 From Alien Skin | 225.04 MB

Eye Candy is a Photoshop plug-in From Alien Skin Software that is made for graphic designers to add that wow effect to their projects. It is a set of 30 Photoshop filters that give you the ability to render amazing special effects with very little effort compared to what you might have to do if you were to attempt these without the use of the plug-in. In many cases you couldn't even recreate them.

Pros: Fantastic selection of natural, real-world effects and textures; capable of producing dazzling effects in seconds.
Cons: The Button Maker is far below the standards of the rest of the product; you must rasterize text layers before Eye Candy can work with them.
Rating: 9.5/10
The Interface
Easy to use and with a one-click installation process, you can learn Eye Candy just by spending an enjoyable hour experimenting with the different effects. Its no-nonsense interface makes navigating and tweaking the various options a straightforward process, and the huge selection of preset combinations means you can get started with it in an instant.
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